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Server future

I will get straight to the point. I have lost all interest in this server a long ago due to a fact I have a life and I run other projects taking all my time to focus or even play this server. At the moment it appears this server is being only a waste of my money. In the near future, you can expect server to drop off hosted tab, forum and domain will cease to exist and finally, the server will shutdown. Being here since 2011 has been a long run and I'm happy it has come this far and I thank community for all the support. A further update will be announced right before server shuts down. Discord server will stay until it's absolutely dead.

If anyone is interested in contacting me via other means you can drop me a private message here or on discord.

I'm very sad to hear that. It would be good to find a partner/guy who might take a server and ran it if possible.

So sad to hear, I had all my memories in this server. This server had good members and i got good friends out of it, it will be forever missed.
The server started to die when like everyone left...and the unregistered users...and maybe hackers came, made the server terrible, this is like the second server i joined and liked it, however it didn't have that much players but atleast it was so good and very stable before the terrible times starts. I will never forget this server.
The bastard died? Too bad we didn't catch him on time.-Stalin on Hitler's death

Is this a final decision? :'(
Omg this is sad
SE has been the only server i play what am i gonna do now...
I'm really sorry i couldn't join since like 6 months but to be honest , this summer holiday has been literally the worst holiday in my entire life
My life is only getting worse and worse and it's hard to me to adapt to it..
Im almost going back to my last house and get some internet service on pc
Just one last request if you're gonna really shut it down just wait for me to come back and play one last time T_T
[Image: img]

Sad,had a lot of memories on this server,it just constantly declined in players,from like 16 or 20 at the beginning to 0.

Server is already off hosted tab for 2 weeks now, forum and domain will expire on November. Server itself won't close yet as it's pre-paid for a while longer, as soon as it expires it will probably go offline as well. At that point it probably won't have any players at all. Once forum closes discord will be the only way to communicate.

Oh no...
Can you do what iMate says? Or not?
Please anything but shutting down SE Sad

(09-11-2019, 11:18 PM)koko Wrote: Oh no...
Can you do what iMate says? Or not?
Please anything but shutting down SE Sad

Server staying online is not a problem. I just don't wanna pay for hosted tab as it doesn't bring more than 5 players daily in rare cases server had about 10 during weekends. Server without hosted tab will just stay empty all the time, so what's the point of keeping it online?

idk what to say...

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